Mihaela is an inventive and engaged Croatian teacher. In my two weeks intensive Croatian course with her I went from being a total beginner to conversing and buying blueberries in the market and writing adventure stories. And I had a lot of fun! Her energy and expectations are high and she gets results!

Elizabeth Axelson, PhD
Lecturer, Retired, University of Michigan, USA

When I met prof. Mihaela Šego for the first time, she was telling me that one of her students managed to learn Croatian in 6 month. I thought it is unrealistic, however in 6 month I held my first Croatian presentation!
I was working for two years as Head of Accounting in Erste bank, communicating most of the time in Croatian. Even though I am Slavic, Mihaela’s lectures hold huge part of the success. Lectures were innovative, funny, she was preparing a lot of materials from different books as well as articles - which was always interesting. Her focus was on preparing me for real life situation and making me speak.
Prof. Šego was organised and tough, however she definitely does not lack good sense of humour, which was for me equally important. I enjoyed lectures with her very much and would recommend her for people who mean it with Croatian seriously.

Rastislav Kovačik, Senior manager at finance with Erste Group banks
Bratislava, Slovakia
worked as Head of Accounting at Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Zagreb

It was a such a nice journey for me to take Croatian lessons with teacher Mihaela. I can say that taking Croatian lessons with prof. Šego was very effective and efficient for me while I was living in Croatia. I recommend every expat who live in Croatia to learn Croatian in order to understand Croatian mindset and adopt Croatian culture.

Ela Dogan Golonu, Managing Director at Pera EEMEA
Istanbul, Turkey
worked at Kent bank dd, Zagreb

When I first came to live and study in Croatia, I was 18, and I had knowledge of Croatian that was based more on my spoken language. My parents are both Croatian, but living and being raised in Canada meant that I relied more on my mother tongue as a grammar base and made fossilized mistakes in Croatian.

This could have caused problems in taking up employment as a teacher later on, in writing my exams or communicating on a professional level.

I spent several months improving my Croatian with prof. Šego, and she taught me how to speak Croatian correctly and fluently. We focused on grammar and I took an analytical approach to language learning. And I remember it was interesting too! I remember asking all kinds of questions to make Croatian grammar more comprehendible.

Today I work in a Croatian high school, as a English teacher and have no problems with Croatian grammar and vocabulary!

Fay Tićak, English teacher
Pula, Croatia
(Born and raised in Canada)

Ms Mihaela Sego had been my Croatian language teacher for six months. During my 2 years of business experience as Operations Director of Kentbank dd, Zagreb, I had to learn Croatian and it was our luck that we found Mihaela as a teacher.

She made the courses interesting and enjoyable for a beginner level foreigner.

Mihaela is to be commended for her professionalism concern for her students, and quality of instruction. She plans well and works diligently at being organized. Her preparation each

day is thorough and the results are evident. Her assignments and exams are well conceived, quickly corrected, and promptly returned.

She has made an outstanding effort to vary course material and present it in different and unusual ways. She is receptive to new ideas and constantly looks for innovative methods to present course content. She is thorough and precise.

She has the intellect, passion, and communicative skills to be an outstanding teacher, and I recommend her without reservation.

Nilgün Başar, banking professional
Istanbul, Turkey
worked as Operations Director of Kent bank dd, Zagreb

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