CROkids courses for children


    CROkids course

    CROkids course is an online Croatian language course specially designed for children from age 6 to 15. 

  Course is based on active conversation with the teacher and features a lot of interesting educational and  didactial games adjusted to age of a child, which provides       lessons to be simple, interesting and fun! 

     One lesson lasts 35 or 45 minutes, depending on the age of a child.  

   Learning a language should be like a child's play - simple, creative and fun - that is our moto, maybe best   explained in words of our 10 year old student Giulio from Pennsylvania, USA: 


If only my school lessons were fun as my Croatian lessons!






  • 1  lesson /35 minutes/ - 145 kn per lesson

  •  1 lesson / 45 minutes / - 150 kn per lesson 


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