Language is key for integration! After moving to Croatia, I wanted to
learn to speak to my new friends and neighbors and started with learning
by different apps and internet programs.
Quite quickly I discovered that I needed some more one-to-one classes to be able to not only say a lot
of words but also put them together.

The gramma is very different from the Swedish language, and I am struggling, but step by step I can now
make myself understood and can feel like a part of the town where I live.

Pia – a Swede living in Croatia

Geoff and Jacky

We  fell in love with Croatia around six years ago and we plan to to build a house near Trogir for ourselves, family and friends. As we intend spending a few months a year in Croatia we thought why not learn the language as well! It’s tough, but with the help of CRO to go we’ve progressed little by little!

Great fun, great team! Vidimo se!
Geoff and Jacky Saayman, Switzerland 

Mihaela is an inventive and engaged Croatian teacher. In my two weeks intensive Croatian course with her I went from being a total beginner to conversing and buying blueberries in the market and writing adventure stories. And I had a lot of fun! Her energy and expectations are high and she gets results!

Elizabeth Axelson, Michigan, USA



What makes someone learn such a beautiful but difficult language as Croatian? Love, of course. But Cro to go makes it really easy - personal lessons - tailored to your own life situation and interests.

Thank you very mucf for your awesome lessons.


                                             Chris Haase, Munchen, Germany 



I wanted to learn Croatian because my family is Croatian.  My dad and grandpa speak it.  They help me study.  When I visit Croatia next summer I want to start having conversations on my own.  My goal is to eventually work and live there when I finish college.  My experience with CRO to go has been very positive.  The lessons challenge me but I always feel like I gain a lot of confidence after each lesson because I understand more of the language.  My teacher Dora is patient and helps me build upon each lesson to help me get better with my grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary!

Fred Talan, 16

Detroit, Michigan,  SAD

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