Croatian beginning course – INDIVIDUAL/IN PAIR        IN PERSON or ONLINE

Croatian beginning course - CROstart is intended for people who live, stay or work in Croatia and want to learn how to communicate in the Croatian language in everyday situations, as well as business environments. Following modern teaching books and other materials, using conversational method, and various additional materials and interesting ways of teaching, we will teach you how to communicate in Croatian fluently!

Course features

Course duration: 20 or 30 lessons 
Intensity: twice/three times a week, according to your wishes



1 INDIVIDUAL LESSON / per 60 min                         140 KN

1  LESSON in pair / per 60 min                                  195 KN (all together per two people)


1 INDIVIDUAL ONLINE LESSON /per 45 min         140 KN

1 ONLINE LESSON in pair / per 45 min                  180 KN (all together per two people)

By the end of the course you will:

  • adopt basic elements of the Croatian language, grammar and vocabulary
  • learn how to communicate fluently in everyday situations (restaurant, market, bar, on the street)
  • ​acquire some basic knowledge of the Croatian culture and peculiarities of the Croatian way of life

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