• short and fun 3 day Croatian language course 

Can you learn Croatian in 3 days? Of course not, but with CROchat you learn Croatian greetings, how to small talk in Croatian, how to order coffee or shop on the local market - all by using Croatian!

  If you are visiting Zagreb,  it's a perfect oportunity to chat with us in Croatian in the heart of Zagreb - and make your Croatian travelling experience - even more useful and fun! 

CROchat course lasts for three days, with two 90 minutes lessons per each day. If your staying in Zagreb is shorter, we can adjust the lessons to be held in 2 days. 

  • Prices: 
  • CROchat individual /per one person:   six 90minutes lessons in person        1 150 kn 
  • CROchat in pair /per two:                     six 90 min lessons in person               1 490 kn / all together 

*working material is included 



Croatian beginning course – INDIVIDUAL

Croatian beginning course - CROstart is intended for people who live, stay or work in Croatia and want to learn how to communicate in the Croatian language in everyday situations, as well as business environments. Following modern teaching books and other materials, using conversational method, and various additional materials and interesting ways of teaching, we will teach you how to communicate in Croatian fluently!




Croatian medium course – INDIVIDUAL 

Croatian medium course – CROplus is intended for people who have already adopted the basis of the Croatian language, whether they have learned it in some other course, or simply acquired it by staying in Croatia.




Croatian intensive course - INDIVIDUAL 

Croatian intensive course - CROintensive is intended for people who want to learn as much Croatian as possible in a short period of time, whether they are simply visiting Croatia, or want to learn the basics of communicating in Croatian in a short period of time.


Croatian conversational course - INDIVIDUAL 

Croatian conversational course - CROtalk is intended and recommended for people who have an existing knowledge of Croatian language and want to improve it. You can take 20 or 30 lessons, according to your needs. This course will develop the knowledge of Croatian you already have, broaden it, while boosting your confidence, too..





Prices for all courses in person /at CRO to go centre: 

  • 1 lesson /60 minutes  in person            140 kuna 
  •   Use our discount for lessons in pair!
  • 1 lesson /60 minutes  in pair                  195 kuna

*working material is included in the price 




Don't have time to go to school for Croatian lessons, or simply want to study Croatian in your office or at your home? No problem! We are CRO on the go, so we will come to your office or your home and adjust to your timescheduele!


1 lesson (60 minutes) - 190 kn

1 lesson per  2 or 3 students -  (60 minutes) - 230 kn


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