CRO to go is a small educational centre specialized in learning Croatian as a second or foreign language. After ten years of experience in teaching Croatian as a foreign language, founder of CRO to go, prof. Mihaela Šego, established CRO to go – an unique Croatian language school.

During these ten years of teaching Croatian as a second language we have developed our own, fun and effective method which is based on active communication and adjusting the learning process to each pupil individually.

These ten years that I have spent teaching Croatian as a second or foreign language, I have worked with students from all around the world of various age and language abilities ... and while doing so, realised two important things; all students want to learn how to communicate in everyday situations, and they all want to learn the language in a fun and simple way - and this is what I do best.

Mihaela Šego, prof., Croatian teacher



Besides the standard teaching methods, CRO to go uses various additional materials and techniques, such as audio and video materials, active conversational methods and cultural activities, in order for the student to have a chance to practice and master their Croatian language skills. Why not have fun while learning a new language? - this is or guiding principal, so therefore in learning Croatian we prefer interesting, fun,interactive and flexible methods of teaching, with constant awereness of student's interests and desires.

My teaching experince has taught me that everything you teach people you can make either extremely interesting and fun, or extremely boring. I always choose the fun and interesting way of teaching.

prof. Šego

crotogo.hr crotogo.hr
We like to learn in a friendly atmosphere. We believe that details are important.  ... and believe in individual approach
in learning Croatian.
Our lesson lasts 60 minutes.


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